Massage Therapy in Chinatown, New York, NY

At Coral Essex Spa serving Chinatown, New York, East Village, and Lower East Side, NY, our certified therapists specialize in full-body, back and foot massage for clients experiencing tension and discomfort. We also offer hydrotherapy options to treat your tired self with the soothing sensations of warm, pressurized water. In fact, we’re one of the few spas in the city that offers table shower massage services!

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. However, when left unchecked, stress builds up in your body, causing a range of issues from poor sleep quality to sore muscles. While stress-relief activities such as exercise, yoga, journaling and therapy help ease your anxiety, sometimes you crave the rejuvenation provided by a spa treatment or full body massage. We can help:

Full-body massage

Treat yourself to a tranquil full body massage with one of our certified therapists. These massage sessions alleviate muscle soreness while easing tension, improving circulation and restoring balance to your body. We also offer deep-tissue massages for especially troublesome areas and massage therapy for pain.

Table shower massage

Also known as a Vichy shower, this hydrotherapy massage method incorporates several soothing showerheads that align with your body’s chakras. As the water gently rains down on you, those knots and aches melt away, leaving you calm and peaceful.

Back massage

The back plays multiple roles in the human body, from supporting your head and trunk to providing you with flexibility and movement. With this heavy workload, you deserve a back massage to give those hard-working muscles the attention they need to function without pain.

Foot massage

If you’re like many New Yorkers, your primary mode of transportation is your feet. Chinatown, New York, NY is made for walking. A relaxing foot massage addresses any discomfort you experience in your feet or ankles, while also identifying any minor injuries before they become more severe.


This is another technique for treating aches, pains and injuries. Hydrotherapy pools use varying levels of water pressure and temperature to massage your body. As you soak in the pool, your muscles relax, your sore spots feel less achy and your body restores itself to a natural balance.

Body waxing

We offer body waxing to help you keep unwanted body hair in-check. Hair removal methods such as shaving, bleaching and using creams are inexpensive ways to remove unwanted hair, but the results are usually short-lived and can result in constant skin irritation. Our services for arms, underarms, legs and bikini zone waxes are an easy way to keep your skin supple and soft.

Essential Oils

Elevate your senses and soothe your mind and body as our skilled therapists expertly incorporate these aromatic elixirs into your massage session, creating a truly transformative journey. Our carefully curated selection of essential oils boasts a range of therapeutic benefits. And the best part? You can bring the spa experience home with you by purchasing our high-quality essential oils separately, allowing you to continue your wellness journey beyond the confines of our serene sanctuary.

Ready to indulge in a spa treatment?

Call Coral Essex Spa at 332-207-9158 to schedule an appointment for massage therapy at our luxurious Chinatown, New York, NY spa. We’ll give you the pampered, individualized attention you need to feel your very best.